Dog Allergy Relief Immune Supplement 170 Chews- Treating and Preventing Hot Spots & Itch

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  • ✅Quickly relieves up to 99% of dog allergies: Allergy Relief Treats gently and effectively relieve allergic reactions, reduces skin itching, tones up the body and it is really delicious for your dog
  • ✅ Strong immune system: Beloved Pets Allergy Immune chewable supplement is the set of immunostimulating components which in combination give an excellent immune system boost and support for your pet every day.
  • ✅All-Natural allergy immune bites- We produce allergy medicine for dogs with only natural ingredients such as salmon oil, vitamin c, meal, probiotics, kona berry, and other natural and healthy components.
  • ✅Made by USA vets: Allergy Formula is developed and approved by the best USA veterinarians. NO harmful components: no GMO, cellulose, canola, corn, palm, and soy.
  • ✅Recommended serving per day: up to 10 LBS - 1 soft chew per day, 10-30 LBS - 2 chews per day, 31-60 LBS - 3 chews per day, 61-90 LBS - 4 chews per day and over 90 LBS - 5 chews per day


Salmon oil, Seed Meal Organic, Valerian root, Licorice root, Kona berry, Vit C, Probiotics p-6 (6 probiotics/5bilion CFU&probiotic), Organic Coral Calcium + 74 Minerals

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