Use games to exercise our Dog

Dogs are meant to be social and active. Our modern lives have adjusted the type of exercise dogs used to do, like working on a farm or hunting, with neighborhood walks or a game of fetch. Instead of sticking to the same routine, mix up the activities you do for your dog so they stay excited and engaged. 



Dogs love agility games! Agility games involve running up and over the play structures in playrooms or even through a tunnel. When a dog gets to the top of a structure or to the end of the tunnel, they are frequently rewarded with pets and praise. In addition to helping their bones and muscles, this helps build their confidence! 


Who doesn’t love bacon? You can  blow bacon bubbles and dogs will jump for joy to catch a taste of these floating objects.  


This game challenges their listening skills and helps to build a bond with the Canine Coach leading the activity. Dogs are praised for doing an excellent job! 


The average dog walks an average of 30,000 steps per day which is three times the suggested number of steps for a human. Instead of having your dog snooze the day awhile, treat them to regular exercise and socialization with other dogs!  



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