Summertime Treats that are Dangerous for Dogs

1. Beer

Dogs can be extremely sensitive to the hops used in beer production. Not only is it possible for beer to cause gastric distress and deadly bloat but also, beer carbonation can lead to gastric distress and even death. Dogs are more sensitive than humans to ethanol, which is alcohol that is produced through fermentation of sugars and yeast. Ingestion of even a small amount of ethanol can cause serious intoxication.

Drinking lots of cool, fresh water will make your dog's life easier.

2. Ice-Cream

It's not unusual for dogs to share a small portion of ice cream on hot days. However, many are lactose-intolerant and may experience digestive problems if they consume too much dairy. There are many varieties and flavors of ice cream available, including some that contain toxins such as chocolate, nuts, raisins and sugar substitutes. It's better to stay away from ice cream altogether.
However, this doesn't mean your dog should be denied the pleasure of a creamy, frozen treat. There are many varieties of pre-packaged dog-safe ice cream and freezable dog smoothies available.
You can also make your own! Mix low- or nonfat plain yogurt. Avoid flavored yogurts with added sugar! Mix in your dog's favorite fruit, such as blueberries or bananas. Place peanut butter, carob chips or peanut butter in a container that is nonstick and let it freeze for at least one night. 

3Corn on the Cob

Although corn isn’t harmful or toxic to dogs, it is high in glycemic and can cause problems for your dog's health. Even though most dogs love to chew and gnaw on the leftover corn cob, it can cause dangerous intestinal blockages.

Instead, put the corn on your plate and place the cobs in the compost pile. Offer your dog a long-lasting, dog-safe chew instead. Bully sticks, Chews etc... will be just as much fun and perfectly safe.


Grapes and raisins are very toxic for dogs. Even a handful of grapes from a bunch can cause severe, potentially fatal kidney disease within hours or days. Grapes can be dangerous for dogs, even though it is not clear why they are so harmful or how some dogs can eat them without any side effects.

Watermelon balls are a better choice if your dog wants a tasty, small snack. You can make a safe and healthy alternative for your dog by using a melon baller, or cutting a seedless watermelon into small pieces. For a fun and easy summertime treat, place watermelon balls on a cookie sheet, or plate, and freeze them overnight. 

Blueberries, which are also available during the summer months, make a delicious, healthy snack. For a sweet treat, freeze or eat fresh.

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