National Lost Dogs Awareness Day

dog lost day

National Lost Dogs Awareness Day, April 23, helps to make sure that a missing dog does not become lost forever. This day supports the efforts of organizations involved in finding missing pets, and helps bring those who have wandered too far back to their families. 

History of National Lost Dog Awareness Day

All too often, when someone finds a lost and wandering dog along the street, they assume that this dog is a stray, and has no home. Lost Dogs of America (LDOA) was formed to help prove this assumption wrong, and help those wayward mutts find their way back to their owners and friends. The organization was established in 2011, and in 2013 established National Lost Dog Awareness Day. Over those years they have helped 42,000 dogs find their way back to their loving homes.

One of their success stories is a dog by the name of Molly who wandered away from her home in Illinois. Thanks to a flurry of postings across a series of Facebook groups, Molly was quickly identified when the person who found her took her to be scanned for a microchip. While Molly didn’t have one, the vet noticed Molly’s image on Lost Dogs Illinois, and was returned home within just a couple of hours of being posted as lost. That’s the kind of magi LDOA and National Lost Dog Awareness Day can work in the lives of dogs and dog owners alike.

How to celebrate National Lost Dog Awareness Day

The day can be observed by assisting in the publicization of the significance of the day. Use this day to educate people about the value of understanding about this day. You can begin this day by taking precautionary precautions, such as getting your dog microchipped. A current clear photograph of your dog will help you discover them quickly, so keep a pair of recent photos of your dogs on hand at all times. It’s also a fantastic day to bring in new canines into your life. This day provides an opportunity to learn more about prevention and networking. Assist a four-legged buddy in reuniting with their family.

National Lost Dog Awareness Day is your chance to make a difference in the lives of our furry four footed family.

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