Is there anyone who can care for your dog like you?

Most people find it difficult to let their dog go when they travel for business or pleasure. Even if we're on an epic adventure, we miss our dogs. There are many obstacles to being comfortable with the idea of leaving our best friend behind. There is always at least concern, no matter how loving the person taking care of your dog is.

Here are some common sources of uneasiness

They will allow dogs to develop bad habits. It is common to be concerned that others will allow your dog to develop bad habits. You may not be able to tolerate begging but you are aware that people who watch your dog might offer your baby a bite from the table. Although this won't cause any immediate harm to your dog you must make sure you teach your dog that begging will not work in your or other home. You should not allow your dog to climb on furniture. If other people let your dog sleep on the couch or bed, it can be a problem. Then they will try to do the same thing when you're home. Even if your dog has been prohibited from getting on the furniture for many years, just a few days with a dog sitter will make it all worthwhile again.


They won't give enough. They won't give enough love to my dog. They won't give my dog enough exercise. They won't give my dog enough love and attention. Many people find it difficult to believe that someone else can provide enough care for their dog. It can be difficult to leave your dog, for whatever reason. But it is even more difficult if you doubt that another person will take enough care of them.

They won’t manage potential mischief by removing temptation. A lot of people are completely used to making sure the trash can is covered, out of sight, or otherwise dog-proofed. Likewise, it becomes second nature for many guardians to keep the counters clear of food. If the people watching a dog are not accustomed to these basic habits, there is risk of both trash parties and counter surfing incidents. It’s especially important to make sure that the dog can’t get access to things that are certainly dangerous such as medicines or household cleaning products. Many people are used to managing these situations, but know that their friends who take care of the dog are not.


They will run out of control and bolt from the door. Many guardians worry that their dog will run from the car or home door. It is vital that the dog does not run out of the door. A dog who runs is a dog who could be in danger. In many cases, the most dangerous risk is for the dog to be hit by a vehicle. However, lost or abandoned dogs that are adopted as pets by another person are dogs that have escaped from a home. Dog guardians need to be trained to watch over the dog's door so that it doesn't escape. Dog sitters may not be as vigilant if your dogs try to escape the door.

What’s your biggest worry when other people take care of your dog?

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