Healthy Dog Treats: Some Things to Keep in Mind

Your pet's happiness and long-term health is dependent on tasty treats also. There are many things you should consider when choosing healthy treats for dogs. Check out these five things you should keep in mind:


Giving your dog a snack or goodies is one of the best ways to teach and train them some skills and manage their behavior. Dog treats are thoughtfully developed to keep your fur best friend healthy and energized most of the time. Just like humans, each pet has its preferences that make them unique.

At BelovedPets, we offer various dog and puppy treats that will surely make your fur buddies happy! There are different natural goodies for pleasure just because we love what we do!

Treats may help your dog’s health and happiness in many ways if you know when and how to use them. Your best friend will be happy if you give them something unexpected when they're playing or staring at you.  And keeping our dog happy and healthy is what we always want to achieve.


Follow the 10% rule

Treats and snacks should not exceed more than 10% of a dog’s daily calorie intake. Ask your veterinarian for an estimate of how many treats you should give your dog every day. They can provide a recommendation based on your dog’s favorite treats, weight, and activity level. Do not worry too much; you could still give your pet their favorite treats but make sure not to overdo it.

Treats should be given in moderation, just like anything else in life. If you’re worried about your pet’s weight, follow the 10% rule!

Quality of ingredients

Quality of Ingredients
Every fur parent should be aware of the differences between good and bad dog treats. It’s important to remember that just because a treat’s contents are natural doesn’t guarantee it’ll be good for your dog.


  • Made of natural premium meat.
  • Promotes healthy gums and teeth: strengthens the gums and gently removes plaque
  • High proteins: not only tasty but also very healthy. Helps maintain dog’s overall health
  • Perfectly absorbed by the body and accelerates metabolism
  • Odor free: no unpleasant smell, just a little scent of real pleasure.


Almost every dog enjoys treats, and we can't help but succumb to its charm, so we readily fall for their little trick. Make the best decisions you can with the wide variety of dog treats available to keep your furry friend healthy and happy. Remember that it is not too early nor too late to start giving your dog excellent and healthy treats.

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