Facts about dogs!

All dogs are wonderful. They our friend, they love and support us when we need them. We think, that u know already that dogs are more than just a companion for man?
Here are some facts about canines that we love so you can get to know your dog better.

Their sense of smell can be 40 more than ours.

Dogs have a 40fold greater brain area that can detect different smells than humans. Your dog is able to pick up more smells than us. Dogs are trained to detect drugs, people and even money.
Several of hero hounds received PDSA medals because of their noses. Buster, an arms and explosives search dog, was presented with his PDSA Dickin Medal for his extraordinary service in Iraq in 2003. He found a lot of explosives and weapons linked to extremist groups and saved many lives.

Dogs have 18 muscles controlling their ears

You might notice that your dog's ears move a lot. There are 18 muscles that move their ears. These muscles allow them to move their ears in a way that allows them to better hear the sounds around them. They also help us to understand how our dogs feel. Dogs communicate a lot through their ears.

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