5+ The Best movies about dog you need to see

Lady and the Tramp

This sweet Disney movie is most well-known for its famous spaghetti kiss scene. But there are so many more adorable scenes that make it worth your time. To introduce the classics to your children, grab the family for a throwback movie evening.

A Dog's journey

a dogs journey

They say that dogs live to love us, and this movie proves it. One old dog promises his owner something as his soul prepares for the next adventure. This one will touch your heartstrings. Keep your furry friend close.

The secret life of pets

 the secret life of pets

This hilarious movie will give you some insight into the lives of your pets while you work. You won't want it to pass by because it's the same creators of Despicable Me.



A giant (we're talking 185 pounds) but friendly St. Bernard named Beethoven causes a few disasters in his home. escaping dog-nappers and winning the hearts of the family he makes his own. You've never seen slobber until you've met Beethoven.



Even though they are physically apart, the bond between dog and owner is special. This heartbreaking movie shows how a family must sell their beloved collie because of financial struggles. But their love for each other remains strong. This is a old, but it's still a good movie.

Hatchi: A dogs Tale

hatchi dog

You should also be prepared to weep at the beautiful story of love and devotion. Hachi, an akita, is adopted by a professor. He adopts him out of necessity but then learns to love him as a family member. There are many emotions. We've warned you.

To be continued....

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