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  • THE NO-STRESS FORMULA of this pet spray helps control unwanted behavior, reduces dogs’ & cats’ stress, promotes anxiety relief for your pet & eases their worries or tension.
  • FAST EFFECTS – our cat and dog calming spray eliminates stress quickly and helps your frightened and anxious pet feel calm and safe in just 15 minutes after its use. The calming effect lasts up to 6 hours.
  • SAFE & NON-TOXIC – made of NATURAL INGREDIENTS: catnip, rosemary, and geranium. This calming essential oil spray causes NO HARM to your dog or cat and is not habit-forming.
  • CALMS THE ANXIOUS BEHAVIOR of your animal that can be caused by different factors, such as a vet visit, riding in a car, adapting to a new pace, etc. It’s great for using it at home or on the go, e.g. while carrying your pet in a box.
  • STOPS the destructive and aggressive behavior of your pet and helps protect your house from messes and scratching the furniture. Try it out now and enjoy the time spent with your beloved pet.


Dogs’ & cats’ behavior in a new or stressful environment is unpredictable. Scratched furniture & mess throughout the house is a typical problem for dog & cat owners. But now you can forget about it with our calming spray cats & dogs that promotes the anxiety relief of your four-legged friend. It helps you control their behavior & calm them in any temporary stressful situation.



  • it serves as a calming spray for dogs & cats & puppy & kitten anti-anxiety spray;
  • calming effect is achieved in 15 minutes & lasts up to 6 hours (it depends on state of your pet & reasons of its stress);
  • our herbal calming spray works as well as other dog & cat calming treats e.g. dog or cat calming collar or cat pheromone diffuser, but it’s more practical & reliable. This calming spray is handy to use at home or on the go;
  • it naturally calms dogs & cats & relieves their anxiety, fear, worry, stress, caused by different factors, such as:


-car rides

-long trips

-vet visit

-adaptation to a new place



-meeting new people etc.

  • this medication for stress & anxiety helps your pet adapt to new circumstances, calm dow & overcome their nervous tension & phobia.
  • natural components (catnip, rosemary & geranium) of this Anti-Anxiety Spray for Pets cause no physical harm to your dog or cat. It’s safe for animals w/ sensitive skin. This essential oil calming spray doesn’t make your pet addicted to it, even after its use for a long time.



Shake bottle before use.

Spray it (5-10 clicks) in area where the animal feels anxious.

It’s great for crates when transporting them, beds or other places where your dog or cat spends a lot of time.


Don’t waste time. Protect your pet from unexpected stress & your house from unwanted mess!!!

Enjoy happy times spent w/ your beloved pet!


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Kathy Sandoval 13.05.2020, 06:47
Love it
Sarah Chenoweth 23.04.2019, 06:06
Used this on my cat when visitors came over and I noticed a definite difference in her behavior. She usually hides when there are visitors, but she seemed much more calm this time.
Тест 10.01.2019, 02:25
david 30.06.2017, 05:55
We moved into a new house 3 weeks ago. My cat was very nervous and I needed to calm her down somehow and help her get used to her new place of residence. And I purchased this calming spray.
In the first days of use my kitty became calmer. Now we do not use this spray because there is no need but this product works well.
I'll recommend.
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