Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs - Flea Treatment for Dogs - 100% Immediate Super Effect - Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs - 3 Months Supply -Flea and Tick Control - ALL Natural

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  • FASTEST EFFECT AND STRONG FLEA AND TICK CONTROL.  GreenFort NEO Spot-On flea and tick prevention for dogs and cats immediately kills parasites  such as fleas, ticks, withers, mosquitoes, flies and horseflies.
  • ABSOLUTELY SAFE AND EFFECTIVE PROTECTION (made of natural ingredients). This dog and cat flea treatment made with natural essential oils and does not cause harm your pet.
  • 100% NATURAL AND ORGANIC. GreenFort NEO Bio Spot-On is ideal and safe for pregnant pets, kittens and puppies over 7 weeks old, pets with allergies and sick pets. The flea control you can trust.
  • LONG TERM PROTECTION - 3 MONTHS SUPPLY. Protect your pet with the super effective Flea Treatment up to 3 months without chemistry - only natural components.
  • FOR ANY WEIGHT:  for cats, rodents and dogs under 10 kg, for dogs 10-25 kg, for dogs over 25 kg


GreenFort NEO Bio Spot-On is one of the best flea & tick prevention for dogs, cats and rodents by Beloved Pets Inc. New Formula developed by the best veterinarians

allows you to make protection for your pet from parasites as effective as possible.

Сreated on natural ingredients (natural essential oils), GreenFort NEO Bio Spot-On  provides gentle protection for your pet from parasites such as fleas, ticks, withers, mosquitoes, flies, horseflies for three months minimum.

GreenFort NEO BioSpot-On  for any weight of your pet:


  • GreenFort NEO BioSpot-on, for cats, rodents and dogs under 10 kg
  • Green Fort NEO BioSpot-On, for dogs 10-25 kg
  • Green Fort NEO BioSpot-On, for dogs over 25 kg


What is the difference between the other flea & tick treatments?

    • This flea treatment for dogs and cats is really effective against fleas and can be used with the other brands: Advantage, Seresto flea collar, Frontline Plus, Adams etc.
    • GreenFort NEO Bio Spot-On made of natural components so it is completely safe for your beloved pet


  • Ideal for pregnant and lactating pets, kittens and puppies over 7 weeks old, pets with allergies, sick and convalescent pets


  • The guarantee of the effective flea & tick control up to 3 months
  • Really saves your money because at a low price you get a really effective dogs flea & tick control



GreenFort NEO Bio Spot-On causes no allergies and no irritation to the skin of your pet. BUT if you notice any strange behavior or something else it’s better to stop using this flea treatment and contact a veterinarian.


Place your order now and get the best results with the GreenFort NEO Bio Spot-On Flea and Tick Control for dogs and cats for the best price!



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Shelley Sweat 18.05.2019, 07:22
It smells like citronella, which I like. It's easy to apply. I waited the 3-4 recommended days hoping to see results. Unfortunately, I saw none. This product is ineffective.
Sam 29.11.2018, 11:08
ordered this spot on for my Golden Retriever. he caught fleas about 2 weeks ago...we were very worried about my little boy and decided to find the effective flea and tick prevention. I found this one.
really immediate effect. great product for flea tick control
dog's owner 23.07.2018, 08:01
Really works. Will recommend.
Jane 24.04.2018, 01:13
Good flea prevention! Used it on my 25LB dog and was satisfied with the result. No fleas, no parasites. My dog feels good. Maybe will order again.
N.g 14.04.2018, 06:25
Awesome flea drops! No allergic reaction on my dog's skin, fast effect and very good price ! I hope this product will work for a long time.
Liliath 31.07.2017, 07:04
We have two short-haired dogs, so it works for about 2 weeks depending on how well applications go. I bath dogs and then wait a couple days for their skin oil to return and then apply.
Works very well on fleas and ticks...
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