Beloved Pets Pet Teeth Spray & Dental Care Solution - Natural Bad Breath Freshener for Dogs and Cats - Reduces Plaque & Provides Tartar Control - Gum Health Support

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Cliny Oral Care Spray

  • ✅Strengthens gums and Eliminates Plaque - For the prevention of tartar formation, removal of existing plaque on the teeth and strengthening the gums
  • ✅Refreshes breath and whitens teeth - works quickly and freshens breath for a long time and helps to whiten teeth without harm
  • ✅Reduce the risk of infection and inflammation - provides control and oral infections prevention
  • ✅Effective and natural formula: active ingredients in combination provide a powerful antiseptic effect
  • ✅Easy to use for dogs and cats: use it 2-3 times per day 3-4 clicks on a dispenser for the best and reliable oral care.

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