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Flea and Tick Prevention


Fleas & ticks - this is one of the most unpleasant problems for each pet owner. Does your pet spend a lot of time in the fresh air? So it is at risk of infection by parasites. Also your dog or cat can get infected from other pets. Pet flea and tick control is one of the most important point of caring for your dog or cat. Tick bite on dog or flea bites cause skin irritation and itching, afterwards the pet loses its hair. Fleas and ticks not only cause discomfort to the pet, but can also lead to various dangerous diseases. That is why it is necessary to give due attention to this problem. On you can find everything you need to protect your beloved pet from parasites: flea collar for dogs and cats, flea pills for dogs and cats, flea shampoo for dogs and cats, flea spray and other flea medicine for dogs and cats by favourite and tested brands. Regardless of the breed of your dog or cat, age and weight you can find an effective tool for the best flea prevention in our online store.

How to choose the effective flea prevention?

Firstly, you should read the contraindications. Some flea medicine is allowed for pregnant dogs and cats, but not all. Give due attention to this point.
There are four main flea and tick prevention tools:

1. Flea and Tick Collar. Flea collar kills fleas and ticks immediately and provides long-term protection. Choose the collar depending on the weight of your dog or cat.

2. Flea Tablets. Most often have a pleasant odor and can be added to dog or cat food.
Also, please read the contraindications and recommendations.

3. Flea Spray gives a quick effect, but not for long. It can be used to process your house from possible flea infection (in carpets and furniture).

4. Flea Drops. Also kill fleas and ticks immediately and provide good protection.

All four flea & tick treatments you can find on
You can choose one or several flea medications, but be careful and read all the instructions.