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SERESTO - This tool has a high efficiency in the fight against ectoparasites, and its long duration (from 6 to 8 weeks) allows you to save your pet from the suffering associated with insect bites. The required model is selected taking into account the weight of the pet.

SERESTO is an innovative water-resistant the invention, which guarantees full protection against fleas, ticks. The unique feature of a collar is based on its repellent effect produced by the action of two active substances – Imidacloprid and Flumethrin.

Advantages of SERESTO:

* The components included in the composition penetrate the body of ectoparasites, leading to the death of insects within 10 seconds for fleas and 48 hours for ticks.

* The action starts immediately after you put the collar on the animal.

* The product can be used for dogs, cats, puppies (from 7 weeks) and kittens (from 10 weeks).

Contraindication: individual intolerance of active components. It is also not recommended to use the product for animals suffering from infectious diseases or at the stage of recovery.

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