Rolf Club 3D

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RolfClub 3D innovative insecticides with knockdown effect.
Three powerful layers of protection: the drugs kill the parasites before biting permanently protect from infection, disturb the growth of parasites.
Knockdown-effect for 2 minutes: the paralytic effect of the drug does not allow the tick to move around the animal and choose a place to bite.
3D rolf сlub collar for dogs and puppies under 3 months is used for the treatment and prevention of arachnoentomosis caused by fleas, lice, mites, protection of dogs from the attack of blood-sucking insects and the prevention of vector-borne diseases (babesiosis, Lyme disease, Dirofilaria).
After opening the package, the collar unfold and dressed on the animal, adjusting to the size so that between the neck of the animal and the collar, there is a gap of 1.0-1.5 cm, then fix the retainer and the excess tape is cut off.
The constant use of the collar protects dogs from fleas, lice, blackheads, and ticks for up to 6 months, from blood-sucking double-winged insects for up to 5 days.