Frontline Plus

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Flea and tick prevention Frontline Plus for dogs and cats - affordable, effective and safe  

Qualitative, certified, non-toxic and absolutely safe even for the smallest representatives of feline anti-parasitism products of the FrontLine Plus are popular among owners of domestic and access to the street, pets all over the world. Frontline Plus actively prevents the infection of the pet by fleas and ticks, and also destroy parasites, both living on the pet, and those whose location is the interior items chosen and often used by animals (lodge, bedding, pillow, claw-point and others).


Very simple to use means for fleas and ticks for cats Frontline Plus, thanks to different forms of release and packaging, convenient for the destruction of parasites both on the animal and for disinfection of the house and household items of the pet. One-time, the first application is sufficient for one hundred percent destruction of parasites, as well as effective prevention for thirty days after the use of the drug. Since the active substances that are contained in the preparations of this trademark act contact, gradually releasing, the action of the agent against the parasites will be long and constant, and the concentration of active components that accumulate in the epidermis (but do not penetrate the bloodstream) is stable - safe for the cat's health and killer for fleas and ticks.


Your fluffy pet will be beautiful and healthy, and parasites will not be scary to him, with a reliable and affordable price for flea and ticks for cats Front Line.


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