Advantage II

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Advantage II - Effective and long-lasting Flea Treatment for Dogs and Cats. Full protection against fleas, ticks and other parasites. 


Advantage is a well-known brand, an effective flea prevention and remedy against other parasites for cats and dogs.

Approved and recommended by the veterinarians as an safe and fast-acting flea treatment for dogs and cats.

Why Advantage II ?


✔ Destroys fleas on the animal during the day and prevents them from reappearing for 4 weeks;

✔ It’s easy and simple to apply and the use of the drug does not cause the cat a lot of stress, unlike the bathing process with anti-block shampoos, for example.

✔ Act for sure. That is, correct application guarantees a 100% result - this is not a lottery, because this flea prevention has the unique formula against fleas, that developed by specialists.


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